A Terra Ignota Wiki is Coming

A fan-powered wiki of Ada Palmer's Terra Ignota 4 book series is in the works. Sign up to keep updated or if you would like to help.

This is and isn't the wiki

We are working on setting up the wiki on the backend. This page is a holder until we get it live. If you know something about building wikis especially on the xwiki platform please reach out. We also need help with synopsis writing and copy editing. This will be fan -powered so help is always welcomed. 

Does Ada know you are doing this?

Yes, she does! Ada is very busy as you may know but she will be providing information and background on 2454 when she can. She has already provided us with designs for the Hive flags (super cool) and more.

Please be sure to visit her website and Tor's website for more information about Ada and her writing. 

What does the wiki cover?

Taking on Too Like the Lightning is the first order of business. By the time you read this Seven Surrenders might already be out in print. We will cover that too, but honestly Too Like the Lightning's content being entered into a wiki will be a big task.

We hope to have all the characters, organizations and technology in the wiki. We also have some ideas for discussions and interviews, so stay tuned and return often.